Handicap Toilets

  1. 1500 gallon septic tank.
  2. 1000 gallon water tank.
  3. 1 HP septic pump
  4. 35PSI water pump.
  5. heat tape on plumbing
  6. insulated pump housing
  7. Water Filled as needed
  8. Septic emptied as needed
  9. Rented monthly or yearly
  10. both pumps 110volt

For all your portable sewer septic system needs we have you covered.  we supply the tanks, water and septic , pumps, hoses, chemicals, our supply trucks will keep your water full and the sewer side empty.  if you have a trailer or portable office needing a sewer system give us a call we can take care of your needs.  Call to discuss your situation.  Phone (918) 465-3104



The porta potty most of us are familiar with is the small portable restroom stall constructed of lightweight plastic. These porta potties used at outdoor events and on construction sites serve as a temporary toilet and can be moved from location to location.
A porta potty will come with toilet paper and antibacterial hand sanitizer dispensers. Porta potties can also be rented with a separate handwashing station, where soap and paper towels are included. every toilet has hand sanitizer dispenser. Because a porta potty does not use traditional plumbing, it contains powerful deodorizing chemicals to disinfect and manage waste. These chemicals are the blue liquid found at the bottom of a porta toilet. Pressure washed every cleaning, and restocking.  Handwash stations cleaned and filled  Men and Womens available,   Yes we have Women portable toilets also!  We offer the huge Handicapped (wheelchair accessible) great for families also.

  1. Mobile
  2. Lighted
  3. pulls great
  4. removable hitch
  5. jack stands
  6. locks
  7. 15 inch tires
  8. hand sanitizers
  9. 2 inch hitch

For the Ladies

Here at M&M our #1 goal is customer satisfaction.  We have a huge inventory of portable toilets.  Our inventory consists of over 600 portable toilets, From the standard single toilet to the big Handicap Portable toilets, We also have a great stock of Trailer mounted units available, hook to truck or 4wheeler and pull it with your crew for convenience.  No job is to big or to small,  we cater to all special occasions any construction job sites, Weddings, graduations, auctions, concerts, Turnarounds at power plants, family reunions, Give us a call let us take care of your special occasions.  Units are CLEANED and RESTOCKED weekly,  twice weekly available also.

M&M Portable Toilets & Septic LLC.



Our Services include Portable Toilets, Septic Pumping, Trailer mounted toilets, portable septic systems

For all your construction workers, on the go we offer these trailer mounted portable toilets, hook onto these and pull them anywhere the jobsite demands.  Also great for pipeline construction,  We have over 50 units ready to go, We just wait on your call for the weekly cleanings.  Call us today for your Portable toilet needs.